About the Shop

Hi there, it’s Marissa of Marissa Cramer Interiors. I’m excited to introduce my first pillow collection!

For those who aren’t already familiar with Marissa Cramer Interiors, we’re a full-service, female-owned interior design studio in Venice, California. Our style is fresh, functional design with that laid-back and livable California vibe we all know and love. 

My favorite part of any interior design project is the styling. I love the process of watching a space come to life with the creative placement of accessories, textiles, and decor. To me, it’s the icing on the cake. The right throw pillows are such an important design element, which is why I’m so excited about launching this shop. 

I love sifting through LA’s top fabric showrooms to source quality designer fabrics in various patterns and colors while mixing in one-of-a-kind vintage textiles. Our unique designs should appeal to everyone from homeowners looking to enhance their own space, to interior designers who need an array of options for projects. 

 I’ve had a lot of fun with this collection and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!